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Working your way up the ladder

I started the Fast Track as a business apprentice in September 2014. I work for HMRC in the BT Change team as a project support officer in Newcastle.

I studied Maths, Physics and PE for 2 years at sixth form and in my second year began to think of alternatives to university. I didn’t achieve the grades I wanted in my AS levels and this meant I knew there was a distinct possibility that I wouldn’t achieve the full A-level grades required to get into my first choice university. I decided the option of doing another year at sixth form wasn’t for me.

The fact that the Fast Track secures a job for you, should you pass, appealed to me. Whilst being in this job I’ve learned that a degree is not the be all and end all to being successful; many people I know with a degree still don’t have the job they want. As for the job itself, the flexible working hours are really handy and this is quite rare in the private sector. Every day is different too, which means the job doesn’t become repetitive and tedious.

I'm looking to continue my work in the project world after the completion of my apprenticeship, hopefully working my way up the ranks of HMRC's project ladder.

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